Does Coffee help you Loss Weight ?

Lose Weight with Coffee

Would you lose weight when you drink coffee? That can be a complicated question, but if yes, following a proper diet plan and drinking coffee daily, you have chances to lose weight with coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which helps you to burn more fat from your body. Hence we can say drinking coffee help you lose weight. Caffeine is also considered to be one of the fat burning supplements today. Also, it helps you to burn your fats from those particular fat tissues and increase your metabolism.

Not just it helps you to lose weight but also keeps you active all day, so most people consider having coffee while they are feeling lazy or inactive.

Just like eating chocolate and coffee also helps to reduce the risk for heart disease and other diseases like cancer, liver disease and many more.

I am sure you might have a question like can you lose weight with coffee? Then, this article will give you all the answers with complete evidence.

Research says:

Drinking Coffee can help you Lose Weight.

Different studies show that drinking coffee can help you lose weight. How is coffee good for weight loss? The answer is simple, coffee contains caffeine which is good for your health in this way you can get rid of extra fats from your body.

If you don’t want to overdose the caffeine than it’s okay because according to a recent study, you can also get benefits from decaffeinated coffee.

Americans are adding coffee as part of their diet not just they drink it once. According to the report, they drink it 3-4 times daily to increase their metabolism. According to a report, in 2010 from the National Coffee Association about more than 50% of American drink around 3 cups of coffee each day. Also, the same association says that coffee consumption is increasing since the 1980s and the graph has moved to 2%.

Not just coffee helps you to burn fats but also helps to keep you safe from different health issues which include liver cancer.

The coffee test was made on people which include 27,793 participants who were around 20 years of age or older. These participants were asked to drink coffee three times a day. The team measured the blood levels of these people which were considered to be normal.  According to that study, those who were consuming regular coffee were about to have less ALT than people who were not drinking coffee.

So you can assume from how coffee is helpful for you not in burning fats to lose weight but also help you keep your sugar levels normal.

Facts you should know about coffee consumption

Here are some facts you should know about coffee consumption. Which will help you to get better knowledge about whether to drink it or not?

  • Drinking an average of 3.1 cups of coffee a day helps you in many ways which include great skin, weight loss, and safe from different diseases.
  • Drinking coffee during breakfast increase your metabolism.
  • Did you know around $40 billion are spend on coffee each year by the US?
  • Coffee controls your sugar levels if you are high on insulin.
  • It helps you to clear your lungs and helps to digest food.

Top Benefits to lose weight with coffee

I am sure I have cleared your concepts coffee as a healthy drink now it’s time to tell you how you can lose weight with coffee. Following are the benefits which you can take from coffee if you want to lose more weight.

1.It contains Stimulants

Coffee contains a stimulant which helps to burn those fats cells in our body. So if you are thinking about how that can be possible? The answer is simple coffee contains caffeine which works as a stimulant that triggers on our body. Another stimulant is cocoa which is also found in dark chocolate for weight loss.

According to the studies, coffee helps you to improve your stamina which allows you to do exercise daily. So if you are drinking it, then you can increase your exercise performance by 11-12%2

2. It Mobilizes fat from Fat tissues

Caffeine helps the nervous system in many ways which include sending the signals direct to fat cells which tells them to break the fats which are stored in the body. Not just it helps the nervous system but also helps to stabilize the hormones levels.

A special substance named as Epinephrine also travels through your blood to fat tissues and break down the fats so that they can be converted into blood.

Of course, this process doesn’t help you in burning a large number of fats from your body, but it reduces the amount of calories intake which means you burn more calories than you take. This process is also known as negative energy balance.

3. It can increase your Metabolic Rate

Not just it helps you stay away from different diseases but also helps to increase your metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more you are losing weight.

The study shows that you can lose weight with a coffee drink because it increases your RMR by 3-11%. In this way, you can burn more fats, and your body starts to work fast. The study also shows that drinking much coffee increases the burning process of 29% in lean people. The effect depends on the age as younger are most likely to lose weight as compared to older.

Comparison of weight loss with chocolate and coffee

I am sure I have cleared your both concepts about coffee and chocolate and how they can help you in losing more weight. But when it comes to the comparison which one is saferThat can be quite difficult to judge because both have their importance. Many trainers advise to drink coffee as compared to eating chocolate, but many doctors recommend to have chocolate as it’s good to reduce stress.

So if you are a coffee lover or chocolate, you can try both because one has caffeine and one contains cocoa both are good to reduce liver problems. But remember you can’t have chocolate with coffee because both can cause inflammatory in your body. So you have to take them separately.