How does the keto diet work?

Keto Diet

That’s the main question which I am going to explain in this article. So read it carefully if you want to know how keto diet plan works for your body?  A keto diet is a very low-carb diet which helps you to burn fats from, your body in an effective way.

I am sure many of you have tried this diet and got benefits which include weight loss, health and performance. This diet also helps you to lose weight very fast as compared to other diets.

Before we move forward, you must have complete knowledge about what keto is? Keto comes from the fact which allows the body to produce small fuel molecules known as Ketones. That’s the main factor in your keto diet because Ketones are produced when you eat fewer carbs.

Did you know Ketones are linked to your brain? The brain is associated with passing signals to your body whether you are hungry or not.

When you are on keto diet plan, your body starts to burn fat 24-7. That’s the main reason when your insulin levels become low you start to lose weight. Not just it helps you to burn weight quickly; it also helps you feel less hunger, and your body supplies more energy during that time.

Below is my Four weeks of a strict keto diet and ketone monitoring which will show what I have eaten and how I plan my keto diet? You can follow the same if you want to lose more weight from your body.

How does the keto diet plan works?

I have already explained to you above about the keto diet plan. Now, It’s my turn to explain to you how the keto diet plan works? The answer is really simple; the diet targets your body parts which contain more fat which means it directly targets your lower body and also upper body.

This is the main reason people who were on a keto diet were losing more weight from upper and lower body parts as compared to belly fat. Different studies were made which shows that the Keto Diet Plan works fast on your body as compared to other diets.

One of the experiments also shows that How this diet helped to lose weight for metabolic or type II diabetes. The experiment includes 132 individuals who were around 43. Some of them were asked to follow a low-fat diet, and some were on a low-carb diet. The period was about six months.

Those who were on the low-carb diet lost 5.8 kg while those who were on a low-fat diet lost only 1.9 kg. From this, you can assume how Keto plan works.

Not just this diet plan helped them in weight loss but also helped them in many other ways which include insulin sensitivity, fasting blood sugar, controlling their appetite.

Why was the keto diet plan works so fast? The changes were fast because this keto diet plan excludes carbs which helps you to burn the fat. Not just it improved health but also provides benefits against cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

How to plan a keto diet?

If you want to know how to plan a keto diet? You must avoid foods which are high in carbs and replace them with the foods which are low in carbs not just that you have to reduce the drinks which are high in carbohydrates.

Below is my proper guide which I applied for Four weeks. During these, I tried to stay away from foods which were high in carbohydrates.  

Foods to eat

I was on a diet for four weeks, and these were the foods which I tried during the weight loss journey. Not just they were low in carbs but also I feel more energetic.

Meat: Meat not just helps you to burn fat but also provides you with the energy which you can use all day long. Following are the types of meat which you can use.

  • Red Meat
  • Ham
  • Steak
  • Bacon
  • Chicken

Fish: I am sure you know how fist can help you in providing proteins. There are different types of fish out there in the market, but I tried the following ones.

  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel

Eggs: I’ll be honest with you eggs are a great source of omega three which means eating lots of eggs per day can help you lose more weight. Eating eggs works best when you try them during breakfast.

Nuts and Seeds: Nuts can be your snack time friends. You can have almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds when you are on a keto diet plan.

Foods to avoid

During my four weeks diet plan I try to avoid these things which were high in carbs. Below is the list of foods which you must also avoid.

Sugary foods: These foods include soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cakes and ice creams.

Grains: You must avoid grain-based foods that can be rice, pasta, and cereal.

Fruit: Fruits are good, but some must be avoided which includes strawberries, mango and large intake of banana.

Beans: If you are on a diet than chickpeas and kidney beans can’t be the option.

Other foods: Following are the other foods which you must avoid.

  • Mayonnaise
  • Dairy products
  • Different types of sauces
  • Vegetables which includes sweet potatoes, carrots.

When you follow a proper plan of a keto diet, you must be careful about the carbs intake.

How four weeks of strict keto diet plan helped me?  

I am sure you might be excited to know what were the after-effects of a strict plan of a keto diet. The effects were great, and my energy level also increased to some extent. Not just this diet plan helped me in losing weight but also it had great effects in my mind.

Even I increased my workout routine from 30 minutes to 1 hour which I am going to explain below. Following are the effects which I had on my body after following a strict keto diet plan.

  1. It affected my mental health

During the first week of the keto diet plan I was feeling a bit lazy at the same time I was not aware of what my body is going through. The diet plan was not just affecting my body but also my brain.

Before trying this plan of a keto diet, I was really lazy and even can’t sleep for more than 4-5 hours, but after this diet plan I felt more active

This can be natural when you are running on ketones. During this, your brain starts to work faster with your body. Also, I remember some people use to tell me they were having more colourful dreams when they were in ketosis. The effect of ketosis was on me for about two weeks.

  1. I was ready for a tough workout

While I was not a strict diet, I didn’t have the time to exercise well. So I decided to do exercise which can be tough at the same time but helped me to stick with the plan. So doing exercise and doing diet at the same time helped me a lot. During this exercise routine I was still having question How keto diet plan works?

Following are the sessions which I use to follow to make exercise more effective.

  • I took the first session with a completely low carb diet which didn’t work for me.
  • The second and the third sessions were good because at that time my body was getting use to keto diet plan with limited carbs. My muscles start to tired more quickly. But it was worth trying.
  • The last week session was not that much tough because that time my body was adopting the changes.

I was expecting that my first week is going to be tough because of the strict diet but after the days were passing my body was getting use weight loss process with the help of keto diet plan.

  1. My sense of taste changed

Another interesting fact about the ketosis I use to hear a lot was how the sense of taste changes. I also had the same experience because during this process I never eat soda drinks and never eat sweets so after Four weeks I eat chocolate and the taste was different.

It was obvious that during this diet I have to stay away from sweets and not just for one week or two it was about Four weeks. After eating chocolate, I thought I have an explosion of sweetness in my mouth. That was the time when i realize that keto diet plan really works.

  1. Transitions troubles

During the first two weeks, I started to have transition troubles which were a common issue because I was having enough salt and was not feeling hydrated. But some people say that during these weeks you feel lazy, tired and dizzy but in my case, I didn’t felt anything else because I was maintaining a proper low-carb diet plan.

 Final Words

I am sure I have cleared your all doubts about how the keto diet plan works? If you want to try this diet, you must have to stick to it. No matter how many weeks you have to spend. But believe me, the after effects will show you how keto diet plans can be effective.